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Terms and conditions


The present conditions cancel and replace all other conditions previously accepted by the customer and govern relations between customers and the seller. This site is owned and operated by Miliboo whose head office is situated at 17 rue Mira - Parc Altaïs 74650 CHAVANOD – France. Telephone: 020 3355 9809 (LLC with a capital stock of 288 500 € - Company registration number 48293027800023 - Intra-community VAT number FR 10482930278).
By placing an order or asking for a quotation on this website, you agree to the terms and conditions described below which refer to applicable prices when an order is confirmed.

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Our network is secured: We use SSL to protect payment-related information encryption.

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Reservation of ownership

All items bought on our website remain our property until full payment is received by our services (in accordance with French law n° 80.335 of 12 may 1980).

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The descriptions of the products are available in each category.

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Payment conditions

Individuals: Please send us a proof of address (eg. telephone bill).
Companies: Please send us a certificate of incorporation.

Payment can be made by
- credit card
- bank transfer

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Price and tariff modifications

The price shall be as stipulated in our published price list applicable at the date of order of the products (delivery fees excluded). Delivery fees depend on the buyer’s address and on the weight of the ordered items. Delivery fees are specified in the basket as well as on the order confirmation page. They are applicable on all items sold on this website unless otherwise stated. Prices can be modified at any time without prior notice, but items will be invoiced according to the price at the time the order is confirmed and are subject to availability.

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Ordering, access to the website

Customers can order by phone, online on our website or on partner websites. The present terms and conditions remain applicable if the buyer orders items from a partner website. Fees related to the access to our website and to phone calls to our customer service and after-sales service are payable by the customer.

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When the customer clicks the “validation” button at the end of the ordering process, he/she is legally bound by the present terms and conditions. All information and payments saved on our website constitutes proof of the transactions.

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Order confirmation

When you order on our website, you will receive an email summing up your order within 24 hours. If you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer, your order will be shipped after full payment is received by our services as well as a copy of your passport (payment by cheque only).

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Order modification

Modifications will be acceptable only if advised by letter, email or fax message before the items are shipped.

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Order Cancellation

You may cancel your order before it is shipped by sending a cancellation request by e-mail to miliboo@miliboo.co.uk. The full reimbursement of all sums received will be effective within a maximum of 14 days.

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Should any dispute arise, we are committed to finding an amicable settlement. If a solution cannot be found, please write a registered letter to our customer service. All contracts are governed by French law.

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Delivery times are indicated on each product description page and specified in working days. If you wish to order by phone, delivery times will be given to you at that moment.
If you order several items with different delivery times, the applicable delivery time is the longest. We reserve the right to deliver items at different times. Fees related to the processing of your order and the shipment of the items will only be invoiced once.
Our offers are subject to availability for items that are not stored in our warehouses (suppliers or partners). As some information comes directly from our suppliers and partners, mistakes or modifications are beyond our control. Delivery times are given by our partners and customers are not entitled to ask for compensation in the event of delays. Cancellation or modification of orders will be accepted for delays of more than 15 days relative to the delivery time indicated on our website at the time the order was validated. To modify your order, click here.

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Transport and delivery

A carrier will be in charge of the delivery. Delivery will take place when the order is validated and full payment received. The transaction must be accepted by the relevant banks. If a transaction is refused, the order will be automatically cancelled. We reserve the right to refuse any order placed by a customer with whom a dispute exists. Delivery fees will be indicated before the validation of the order by the customer. Items will be delivered to the delivery address indicated in the order. If the address is incorrect and the delivery cannot take place for this reason, the customer will have to pay the delivery fees a second time for the shipment to take place again.
We reserve the right to ask for a proof of your identification and address before delivery. If you order several items with different delivery times, the applicable delivery time is the longest. We reserve the right to deliver items at different times. Fees related to the processing of your order and the shipment of the items will only be invoiced once.
We cannot be held responsible for any internal or external strikes, acts of God or any other event that could delay delivery to our customers.
Customers must check the items inside the parcels at the moment of the delivery. Should items be damaged or missing, customers must describe precisely the nature of the problem on the delivery note. Customers must also inform us of the problem within 24 hours by letter or fax message and the carrier by registered mail. Please note that “subject to opening” is not acceptable, you must open and check the parcel.
All items are delivered on the ground floor except when otherwise specified. You can contact our customer service if you wish to subscribe for a delivery on upper floors. If you choose this option, the carrier will make an appointment for the delivery. You will have to indicate to the carrier any difficulty they may have to face. The customer will have to make sure doorways and passages are large enough for the delivery to take place.
If the delivery cannot take place because of wrong information given by the customer, charges related to storage, delivery and hiring of an elevator will remain at the customer’s expense. All fees related to the hiring of an elevator and storage of the customer's parcel in the event of non-respect of the appointment made with the carrier, or even fees for a second delivery remain at the customer's expense.

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No claims regarding transport damage will be accepted if the customer signed the delivery note without mentioning any damage. Customers must check the condition of the delivered items and write any damage or problem on the delivery note. Customers must also declare these damages or problems to our customer service by letter or fax message within 24 hours. If customers fail to do so, they will not be entitled to any compensation. Please note that “subject to unpacking” is not acceptable.

Any claim about a defect in the goods, a missing item, or an erroneous reference in relation to the confirmation of the order by Miliboo, must be formulated in writing so that the claim is dealt with ASAP. Please register the claim in our Web page, by going to “My account”, “After sales service” – “I have not received the right item”, so that a claim number is generated.

If an item is returned without this authorisation, it will be stored and returned at the customer’s own risk.
Please note you must return any damaged item, even if it is completely broken. A standard exchange or refund will be made as soon as the damaged item is received by our after-sales service. Please note you must never throw away a damaged item.

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Register a claim: if a product or part of it is missing, damaged or not working properly, or if you want to request an exchange, please go to your customer area ("My account" on the top of the page) in the "After sales service" section and fill in the corresponding form. Within 48/72 hours you will receive an answer.

Withdrawal of the order:

The withdrawal period ends fourteen days after you (or a third party indicated by you, other than the carrier) acquire the material possession of the goods. In order to enable you to exercise your right, a withdrawal form is available for you in the "after sales service" part of your customer area. Once the form filled in, you will be given an RMA number (Return Material Authorisation) that must be written on the package(s) of the item(s) to be returned. Another option would be to send us a letter stating clearly and unambiguously your request of the exercise of your right of withdrawal. Our address is Miliboo, 17 rue Mira - Parc Altaïs, 74350 Chavanod, France. Once the letter received, you will be given the RMA number by our Post Sales Department.

Refund : In case of withdrawal, you will be refunded the whole amount of your order, including the shipping fees (If you have expressly opted for a type of delivery other than the cheapest standard delivery, Miliboo shall not be required to reimburse the resulting additional costs). Miliboo shall reimburse any payment received from the consumer within fourteen days from the day on which the goods are received back (in accordance with the Directive on Consumer Rights 2011/83/EC). Reimbursement shall be made by the same means of payment as the one used to validate the order, or any other means expressly agreed with you. It shall have no cost for you.

Modalities to send back the goods: you have to send them back to this address: Miliboo, 17 rue Mira - Parc Altaïs, 74650 Chavanod, France, within fourteen days from the day on which you received them. The deadline shall be deemed to have been observed if the goods are back in possession of the carrier before the expiration of the cooling-off period. It is mandatory to write the number of your withdrawal file on the parcels.

Return shipping costs: Return shipping costs remain at your expense. If the total weight of your parcels is less than 30 kg, you can send it back through the regular mail service, paying for its cost. If instead it is more than 30 kg, you'll be charged the shipping fees of the carrier you've chosen or the ones quoted by our carrier, depending on the option you've selected. Please note that even in case of a special offer with free shipping when you placed the order, return shipping costs will remain at your expense all the same.

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Our products are covered by:

2 year-legal guarantee of conformity for goods: Any aesthetic or functional deterioration resulting from defects that would appear with use and that the buyer would not have been aware of on delivery is covered by the guarantee, in accordance with the Directive on Consumer Rights 2011/83/EC1 .

2 year-contractual warranty proposed by Miliboo. Spare parts released by Miliboo2.

Please note that returns will be accepted by our services provided you have previously filled in an after-sales form in your customer area ("My account" on the top of the page and then the "After sales service" section). Our Post-Sales Department will answer you ASAP to let you how to proceed.

1. If you detect a hidden defect, you must prove it: either by sending the item back to our services for inspection, or by appointing an expert who will have to certify the existence of the said hidden defect. If you choose the first option, please note that post and package fees remain at your expense. You will get a refund of these fees if the inspection reveals there is indeed a hidden defect. If you choose the second option, you will have to send us the original document drawn up by the expert. Once this document has been received by our customer service, an RMA number and a return procedure will be given to you. The return of the item will be accepted by our services after examination of the hidden defect. For any claim within or outside the guarantee, please make sure you keep the invoice. A £5 fee will be charged for any request for a duplicate. The guarantee does not apply in the following cases: - items were not properly assembled or were not correctly looked after. - items were repaired or altered by the user. - items were damaged by the user. - defects were caused by negligence or incorrect use. - items were returned damaged. Defects caused by natural wear and tear, incident during assembly, or intervention of a third party are excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to injuries caused to third parties by an item sold on our website. Our after sales service is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am to 1pm and from 4pm to 5pm. You can either call 0203 355 9809 or send an email to miliboo@miliboo.co.uk.

2. 1 year-warranty on spare parts.

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Items sold on our website conform to French regulations. We cannot be held responsible if regulations of the country in which items are delivered are not respected. You are responsible for the importation and utilisation of items and must check with local authorities that you are entitled to do so. Photos and texts used to describe the items sold on our website are not legally binding. Consequently, we are not responsible for any mistake in these texts and photos. We are not responsible for any product shortage, acts of God, strikes, flooding or fire.
You are responsible for the verification of the information you specify in your order, particularly your shipping address.
We are not responsible for mistakes made by you in your order that could cause a delay in the delivery. We are not responsible if you miss the appointment you made with the carrier for the delivery. If you miss an appointment you had fixed with the carrier, fees for a second delivery will be at your expense.
Our liability cannot exceed the amount paid for the transaction at the origin of the liability in question.
The choice of the items and their payment is your responsibility. Consequently, a total or partial impossibility to use the items cannot give rise to any compensation, refund or engage our liability, except when a hidden defect is ascertained or when you wish to use the seven day cancellation period.
We cannot be held responsible for any loss of business, loss of profit, damages or expenses. Hyperlinks may redirect to other websites than Miliboo. Miliboo is not responsible if their content infringes the law.

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Presentation of products

Characteristics of the items sold on our website are available on each product file card. A 24h delivery time is applicable to all items where specified “delivery within one week”. For all other items, please refer to the product file card. Photos are not legally binding. We cannot be held responsible for any mistake that may appear on a photo. All photos and texts presented on our website are copyrighted. It is forbidden to use them, even partially. Miliboo sells the brand “Enzo Fratelli”. “Enzo Fratelli” is a registered trade mark belonging to Miliboo.

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Article 16 - Computer Files and Personal Information

Under articles 38 to 40 of the French law of January 6th 1978 concerning computer files and personal information, you are entitled to access any information referring to you. If you want to modify, edit or delete it, please write to:
17 rue Mira - Parc Altaïs - 74650 Chavanod - FRANCE

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Testimonials from our customers

The testimonials posted on our Web site Miliboo.co.uk are only from customers that have bought the product they are talking about. This aims is to make choosing the right products easier for the customer. Any person wishing to publish a testimonial undertakes to abide by applicable national and international laws and regulations and respect the rights of third parties, and must not go against public policy and morality. He cannot give his or her personal data either. Users shall remain the only people responsible for the content of their messages.

In order to prevent any abuse, Miliboo.co.uk reserves the right to proceed to verification, moderation and publishing or not of these testimonials.

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Applicable Law and Disputes

The contract between us comes under French law and any dispute between us will be settled exclusively in the courts of France.

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