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Buffalo leather

A leather thicker and more solid than calfskin leather. Resistant to tears. Leather is naturally heat and flames resistant. It is also mould resistant.

Base density

The thickness of the seating is an essential element for all sofas and armchairs. It determines the person’s comfort when seated. Varying from soft to hard, the thickness equally influences the durability of the seating.


Bamboo is a plant that grows in most continents (except europe and the Antarctic) It is used in many industries such as food, paper, construction... It is used to make various furniture items, creating an Asian or colonial look.

Bar stool

A bar stool is a modern high seat generally suitable for bar tables or counters. At home, this type of stool is usually placed at a kitchen island or a high table. They bring a touch of aesthetic, conviviality and friendliness. The seating is adjustable and comes in various shapes.


Dating back to the XVI century, the baroque style is easily recognised by its typical shape and intricate decoration. Nowadays, a contemporary touch is added to it allowing it to blend in modern interiors.

Bedside table

A bedside table is a small table kept at the side of a bed. It serves as an extra storage space in your bedroom. Available in different styles, they can blend in with any interior.


A bookcase is mainly intended to store books. Available in various shapes and designs, it also is practical and stylish, a real decorative element!

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