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Polyurethane (commonly abbreviated PU) is an organic molecule obtained by chemical reaction. Polyurethanes can be of various textures and hardness. They are hard-wearing, easy to clean and can look like leather. They are widely used in the furniture area to make items look like leather. This enables sellers to offer lower prices. Each time you buy a Miliboo piece of furniture in polyurethane, you save the life of an animal.

Pigmented corrected grain

Leather that has been abraded to remove imperfections before the surface coating is applied. These leathers are hard-wearing, easy to clean and are more resistant to light.


It is a hard-wearing polymer. It can be used as a foam that resumes its shape after impacts. Polyproylene never breaks. It is flexible, light and recyclable.


Means polyvinyl chloride. It is fireproof, waterproof and durable.

Pigmented rawhide

Leather made from the flesh split or middle split. This leather is then pigmented to be waterproof and to be easier to clean.

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