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BIRDY Modern Kids Closet

BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
BIRDY Modern Kids Closet

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Description Discover the BIRDY collection of modern furniture for children. Designed by Maureen Romeas, a young Miliboo designer, drawing her inspiration from the children themselves.

This closet is one of the centre pieces of the collection. It combines with talent a childish design and extreme practicality.
It features two alcoves closed by doors: one holds a wardrobe, the other one holds shelves that you can place at your convenience. An open alcove was placed underneath, to store accessories that need to be at hand reach.
Two large drawers were added to this closet, ready to hold clothes and sheets.
The handles of this closet were studied to make seizing easy, even for children.

The whole BIRDY collection is inspired by the children, adventurer soul boys and girls. est inspirée par les enfants, les filles et garçons aux âmes d'aventuriers. Who never dreamed of building a hut where to hide all his/her treasures? Such is the world to which the BIRDY closet belongs. Its doors and drawers faces are slightly assymetrical, reminding of the wood planks used to build a child hut.

With its decorative roof, this closet will bring a touch of nature, softness and escape to your child's bedroom: a hut in the house, without having to go out of the room.

The BIRDY closet is made in Europe. Quality and resisting materialswere used to build it: the wooden parts are made of plain pineand the white parts of matt white lacquered MDF.

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BIRDY Modern Kids Closet
Technical features

BIRDY Modern Kids Closet, technical features :

•  Total dimensions : L100 x D51.2 x H187.3 cm
•  Dimensions of the closet : L45.7 x D44.3 x H101 cm
•  Shelf dimensions : L46.5 x P44 cm
•  Dimensions of drawers : L91.5 x D35 x H23 cm
•  Dimensions inside drawers : L86 x D33 x H15 cm
•  Compartment dimensions : L46 x D44.5 x H30 cm
•  Material : Pin massif et panneaux de fibres de bois laqué
•  Dimensions box 1 : L159 X D47 X H9 cm
•  Dimensions box 2 : L170 x D12 x H11 cm
•  Dimensions parcel 3 : L108 x D53 x H14 cm
•  Weight of the parcels : 72 kg

Maureen Roméas

Designer's appraisal
"As a child, I loved to build huts, climb in the trees, tell myself stories in the garden... Here is the BIRDY spirit: being able to keep this adventure going while being in the warmth of a bedroom and never lose your child imagination. Like a little bird, fly towards new adventures."

Use a soft and clean cloth to dust your furniture. In case of stains, use a damp cloth with liquid soap and quickly rinse with a dry cloth. Never make use of solvent, bleach and/or acid.

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