GEFCO : Delivery in front of your house by 1 delivery man
The maximum weight for 1 package is 220 lbs. The day of the delivery, your parcel will be delivered in front of your house or at the bottom of your building after an identity verification.

The delivery will be executed by one delivery man and by an appointment at the date and time of your choosing from Monday to Friday according to availability.

GEFCO will contact you when they receive your parcel in their warehouse and arrange the date for the delivery of your parcel. You have 10 days following this contact to have the parcel delivered. After 10 days the parcel will be returned to our warehouse.

Delivery times: 8 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm.
Upon receiving your parcel you must check the contents in front of the delivery man. He has a legal obligation to let you check your parcel and its contents.
WARNING: If you see any damage to your product, refuse the parcel immediately and write “Refused because…” with a precise explanation of why you refused the parcel. Example: “Refused because the right door was broken”. In this case we will ship you a new product as soon as possible and at our expense. In the event that you do not write any references for the refusal, our after sales service will not accept your complaint.

If you have any problems during your delivery, contact your sales service at the following number: 0203 355 98 09


Chronopost specialises in offering an express delivery solution.
Chronopost: the delivery is carried out by a delivery person from Monday to Saturday morning, depending on availability. On the delivery date, your package will be delivered to the ground floor in front of your home or at the ground floor of your building once the identity of the recipient has been verified.
On the date that the carrier has taken charge of your package, you will be sent the scheduled delivery date for your package via SMS or E-mail. You have the possibility to modify the date and delivery address via an online service. In case of absense, a notice will be placed in your mailbox and your package will be stored at the nearest relay point. You then have 14 days to recouperate your package at the relay point. After this period, the package(s) will be returned to us.