Loyalty card


How do I get my loyalty card?

Every Miliboo client is automatically registered to the loyalty programme.

How do I use my loyalty card?

You have nothing to do! The e-mail address you used to create your customer account will be stored in our system and will help you collect points automatically each time you make a purchase on Miliboo.com!
The points you accumulate during your purchases will be valid for a period of six months.

How many points do I earn when I make a purchase?

Your points will depend on the cost of your purchases (excluding delivery fees). You will earn a point for every 10? Therefore, for a product of a value of €100 your loyalty account will be credited with 10 points.

When will my points be credited?

Your points will be credited to your loyalty account when your order is shipped.

How can I use my points?

Your points will be automatically put in your moneybox. You can use them anytime you want to apply a discount on your purchase (not cumulative with special sales offers, sales or promotions).

1 loyalty point = £ 0.50*

If you have 100 points in your moneybox, you will receive a £50 rebate on your next purchase (the balance in your moneybox will then be reset to zero)


How can I sponsor a friend?

Just connect to your account and click on the ‘loyalty card’ tag. Simply enter the e-mail addresses of the friends you wish to refer. They will receive an invitation mail from Miliboo. You can refer up to 20 friends. When the referred friends make their first order on Miliboo.com, they will benefit from an immediate 3% discount.

How Do I Benefit From My Referred Friends Purchases?

  • For a purchase of up to £150, you will earn 10 loyalty points
  • From £150-£250, you will score 20 loyalty points
  • From £250-£500, you will win 40 loyalty points
  • From £500-£750, you will earn 60 loyalty points
  • From £750-£1000, you will score 100 loyalty points
  • Above £1000 your points add up. Thus, for a purchase of £1150, you will earn 100+ 10 loyalty points.

*Except for articles on promotion, sale, or which price is is lowered by the use of a promotional code for which every £10 purchased, I add-up 0,5 points, namely £0,25 reduction. Example: I order a modern sofa for £200 in promotion, I add-up 10 points, namely £5 reduction. Loyalty program valid for every article worth more than £20.

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