PALACE classic petrol green armchair (Ce produit n'est plus commercialisé)

PALACE classic petrol green armchair
PALACE classic petrol green armchair
PALACE classic petrol green armchair
PALACE classic petrol green armchair
PALACE classic petrol green armchair

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Description This PALACE classic velvet armchair lives up to its name.

With its tall backrest, flared shape and style worthy of the most luxurious manor, the PALACE classic armchair will make the perfect addition to your living room.
It is ideal for your moments of relaxation or reading time by the window, or for sipping on a cup of tea, and offers all the comfort you need: a thick, soft seat, armrests at just the right height and a tall backrest to provide the perfect support for your back. 
Its flared metal legs create a modern finish that complements its classic shape.
The beautiful petrol green colour on this PALACE velvet armchair will bring depth and intensity to your interior, as well as a surprisingly cosy effect.  

For the ultimate comfort, combine it with the NINO side table, where you can leave your drink, book or magazines. 

The PALACE classic armchair is also available in gold velvet.

PALACE classic petrol green armchair
Technical features

PALACE classic petrol green armchair, technical features :

•  Length : 87 cm
•  Width : 90 cm
•  Height : 118 cm
•  Covering : Velvet
•  Seat height from the ground : 46 cm
•  Armrest height from the ground : 67 cm
•  Seat dimensions : L52 x L55 cm
•  Backrest dimensions : L52 x H78 cm
•  Leg height : 28.1 cm
•  Dimensions of box : L92 X D88 X H98 cm
•  Weight of box : 32 kg

On the velvet part, use a cloth soaked in soapy water or with a few drops of ammonia or white vinegar, focusing on stains and rings. But before cleaning, always test on a hidden corner, such as the hem. For metal parts, simply use a slightly damp soft cloth. Please note, do not use a rough cloth or abrasive sponge which would scratch the surface. Do not use any aggressive cleaning products.

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